On Freedom's Wings

This page contains all the Petals & Patches 'On Freedom's Wings' patterns available for you to purchase. All of 'On Freedom's Wings' pieces are visible in greater detail. Place your mouse over an item to see if this extra detail is available. All 'On Freedom's Wings' can be purchased via our secure shopping cart, or alternatively you can mail your order to us. We ship your order via surface mail within Australia or airmail outside Australia. E-mail us to request your copy.
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Please note that the BoM is pattern only i.e. no fabric is supplied unless otherwise noted.

Purchasing options

There are two (2) ways of purchasing the complete BoM pattern.
1.  If purchasing as a BoM you will receive each month, a pattern starting at no. 1 and concluding with the 9th (and final) pattern.
2.  If purchased as a complete set you will receive all nine (9) patterns in a single delivery.

Alternatively you may purchase just the individual quilt pieces.

On Freedom's Wing's - 9 months
A lovely black & white variant is  
1. As a BoM
$12.00 ea. month

2. The complete set of patterns (9 pieces) $100
1. The 9 monthly BoM set 

2. The complete set of patterns (9 pieces) 

"On Freedom's Wings" - 9 months 

The full On Freedom's Wings quilt set comprises 9 individual pieces that together make up the quilt.
On Freedom?s Wings was inspired by some of nature?s sweetest songsters - birds! They are nature?s perfect harmony and their gentleness and ability to spread their wings and take flight has always been a fascination of man. This quilt tries to capture that harmony & freedom.
$12.00 each piece
1.  OFW-1 

2. OFW-2 

3.  OFW-3 

4.  OFW-4 

5. OFW-5 

6.  OFW-6 

7. OFW-7 

8. OFW-8 

9. OFW-9 

"On Freedom's Wings" - individual quilt pieces 

The individual On Freedom's Wings quilt piece(s) can be purchased separately if so desired. Please select the piece(s) required (only one (1) piece can be selected at any time). If you wish to purchase the whole BoM.